Diana Nikolova
Updated and enriched version of the original collection from 2019.
Diana Nikolova
The best-selling collection comes in a new, enriched version.
Pope Francis
In 'God And The World Of The Future' Pope Francis shares his views on how move on from the multiple crises of 2020.
Diana Nikolova
'God Willing. Folk Tales and Legends' contains seventy stories related to God and the divine.
Diana Nikolova
'Folk Tales From Italy' is a collection of popular stories from all parts of the country.
Diana Nikolova
The collection contains over sixty myths and legends from all parts of the country, translated from Bulgarian.
Douglas Rushkoff
At the start of the new millennium we all found ourselves into the future. Douglas Rushkoff comments on the phenomenon of 'presentism'.
Jessica Adams
Some astrologers believe that 2020 will mark a turning point in the development of the world. Jessica Adams is one of them.
Виа Летера
‘Folk Tales from Italy’ is a collection, comprising of twenty three popular stories and legends from all parts of the country.