Folk Tales & Fables From Bulgaria

The Enriched Collection

Published by Via Lettera Ltd.
Translation from Bulgarian: Diana Nikolova
Cover and illustrations: Kamena Dimitrova
ISBN: 978-619-7204-19-3

Year of publication: 2023
224 pages
Format:  130 x 200 mm


Our best-selling collection ‘Folk Tales & Fables From Bulgaria’ now comes in a new, enriched version. The book contains forty-six famous and loved Bulgarian folk tales and fables, selected and translated into English. They are divided into three sections – Popular Wisdom Tales, Magical Tales and Animal Fables.

The folk tales are translated in easy and accessible English, suitable for reading not just by children but also by the entire family. This book is especially popular among young and adult readers, who live abroad and use Bulgarian as a second language. We hope this collection will find its readers also among all those who feel connected or simply interested in Bulgaria or those who just love good stories on eternal topics.

The design of the book gives a fresh and modern perspective towards the interpretation of the stories. Motives from traditional Bulgarian embroidery patterns have been used in the illustrations and ornaments of the book.

This book will take you on a journey into the wonderful world of Bulgarian folklore, inhabited by brave men fighting dragons and monsters, charming and witty maidens finding their prince, magical life-giving water saving heroes, forest nymphs being tamed by unconditional love and wise old men giving sage advice to the young and inexperienced. These folk tales and fables tell stories of high virtue being rewarded, of hardworking and good-hearted people winning over evil forces in life. They open the door to ancient times and shared belief that is still firmly rooted in Bulgarian culture to this day.