Conversation with Domenico Agasso

Title: God And The World Of The Future

Author: Pope Francis
Published by Via Lettera
Translation from Italian: Raina Castoldi
Editor: Diana Nikolova
Book cover: Milena Radeva

Cover photo: Nacho Arteaga
ISBN: 978-619-7204-18-6
Year of publication: 2021
108 pages
Format: 110 х 180 mm


In the dark and gloomy days of the corona virus pandemic that put its powerful grip on the world in 2020, Pope Francis never stopped working. In the form of an interview with the Italian journalist Domenico Agasso, he states in a direct, concise and convincing manner his messages for change.

Every crisis leads to a change and we should not waste what we have learned over the last year that proved to be a watershed moment for mankind. With the light of hope and the power of prayer we can build a new world in which everyone has mastered the most important immunity response, e.g. the antibodies of solidarity.

Pope Francis discusses with honesty and in detail the internal problems of the Catholic church, points out how we can handle the upcoming challenges of climate change, looks for the foundations of a more ethical and socially responsible economic model and he appeals to us to preserve the Creation through joint efforts as a single united human family. Indeed, are we really going to continue to view our planet as a pile of resources at our disposal or are we going to finally start to cherish it as the Garden of Eden that it is? Are we going to try and embrace other people as our own brothers and sisters?

 “God and the World of the Future’ gives answers but most importantly, it inspires an impulse for action in the name of a great common dream.