100 Bulgarian Folk Tales

Published by Via Lettera Ltd.
Translation from Bulgarian: Diana Nikolova
Cover and illustrations: Milena Radeva
ISBN e-book: 978-619-7204-22-3

ISBN paperback edition: 978-619-7204-21-6
Year of publication: 2024
344 pages
Format:  139,7 x 215,9 mm


‘100 Bulgarian Folk Tales’ will give you one hundred reasons to love Bulgaria and its people. Broadly divided into six chapters, this book covers a wide range of the most common topics and characters, pertaining to Bulgarian folklore.

Starting with the practical wisdom of everyday stories, the collection then dips into tales of magical adventures and encounters with supernatural creatures. Further, it makes us relax with witty sketches, sprinkled with local humour. Following the trail, you will gradually discover a closer and deeper bond to the life of our ancestors. The surviving legends of creation and shared religious beliefs will help you understand the roots of moral values, engraved in our hearts and minds to this day.

These stories will make you cherish and appreciate the past for the whole array of human experience, preserved and encoded in our folklore. Prepare for a cosy evening by the fireplace with your beloved elders.