'Folk Tales From Italy'

Published by Via Lettera Ltd.
Translation from Italian: Rayna Castoldi
Editor: Diana Nikolova
Cover and illustrations: Kamena Dimitrova
ISBN: 978-619-7204-09-4
Year of publication: 2017
176 pages
Format: 130 х 200 mm


‘Folk Tales from Italy’ is a collection, comprising of twenty three popular stories and legends from all parts of the country. The immense and rich folklore of Italy will lead you from the world of daily routines to the world of magic, from the bizarre transformations of the protagonists to the resilient wit of ordinary people. 


The book contains three sections – Popular Wisdom, Magical Tales, Animal Fables. All three together reveal the deep bond between man and nature, they teach us to be brave, patient and inventive in the pursuit of our dreams. The incredible adventures and plights of the characters will make you think harder on the power of human virtue, friendship, love and loyalty. Many of the stories exist in several versions in the different parts of the country. ‘Via Lettera’ tried to present the most popular and exciting Italian folk tales to the Bulgarian young readers. The texts are suitable for children in the age group of 8 to 14.


The folkloristic tradition of Italy has always been a source for plots and ideas for some of the greatest literary and musical artistic works. These folk tales have survived to our times thanks to a long list of wonderful folklorists. It is through them that we today learn a lot about the rites and habits of the country, about the common aspirations and concerns, about the shared dreams and ideals that invariably pass from one generation to another on the sunny boot of Europe.